Scooter the Cat

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Scootbuttons ordering does not involve a monetary transaction.  It is simply to let me know what you want to order, and to get you a spot on the wait list.  Payments are made once the ordered Scootbuttons doll is completed.  Sam will contact you when the order is complete. It might take a few days to hear from Sam, so please be patient!


The Scootbuttons dolls are modeled after Scooter herself.  The hind legs go out to the right side and make a "Y" shape, just like Scooter's legs.  A regular doll is about 10" x 10" x 10", and a mini doll is about 8" x 8" x 8".

*NOTE: I am very much an amateur crocheter. No two Scootbuttons dolls are exactly the same.  However, I do follow the pattern I came up with as closely as possible, and I think the quality of the Scootbuttons dolls is very fair for the price.  Each doll can stand upright freely when positioned correctly (not difficult to do).


Scootbuttons Doll

$30.00 within USA

$40 for countries outside the USA

We've been asked if we accept donations in addition to the price, and the answer is yes!

(Given that I’m now in my internal medicine residency, significant amounts of free time is difficult to come by. I’m considering raising the price of the Scootbuttons dolls, since the time investment would be even more precious than before. For now, the prices above are correct.)

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