More about Scooter

Scooter is four years old, and she is an unknown short hair breed.  Her sister Minnie is a Torby (Tortie + Tabby), and whether that gives any clues to Scooter's breed, I have no idea.  Obviously, the first thing people notice about Scooter is the fact that she's paralyzed.  Scooter's paralysis appears to be caused by a birth defect of her spine (Read more about it in our FAQ!).  Scooter's paralysis is only one part of her.  There's so much more that makes her a special cat!

My favorite thing about Scooter is that she is a "people cat."  It takes her a little bit to get used to people, but she never acts aggressive toward a new person.  She has never swatted at or tried to bite a person (She has hissed at a couple people, though, but it's an empty threat.).  After assessing the threat, she will typically scoot up to them and investigate.  Before too long, Scooter's made a new friend!  Scooter is also a "dog cat."  For some reason, she's extremely tolerant of dogs, as long as they don't sniff her too aggressively.  

Scooter is NOT a "cat cat."  She's instinctively defensive around other cats, which is making for an interesting roommate situation with my sister's cat, Scout.  Like with people, I've never seen Scooter try to attack another cat (playing with Minnie doesn't count), so she's just trying to act tough. 

Scooter is not the most intelligent cat, but that definitely makes her more endearing.  Her instincts don't always lead her in the right direction, but it's fun watching her decide what she's going to do next.  She is, however, very adept at one specific aspect of her life...ramps.  Every time Scooter has gotten a new ramp, whether it's for the bed, the couch, or her Snooze Hut, she knows exactly what to do with it.  She's as important in overcoming her challenges than anything I make to accommodate her.


In a typical day, Scooter will spend her time relaxing on the bed, or on one of her many blankets situated in her favorite spots in the room.  She spends a lot of time in her Scootbutt Snooze Hut, which I designed for her to accommodate her paralysis.  Many of our instagram posts show Scooter scooting, climbing, and being active, but she's actually as sedentary as any other cat.  She loves napping while bundled up in her favorite gray blanket.

At the end of every day, Scooter climbs onto the bed and snuggles up to me, purring until we both fall asleep.  She's not hesitant to wake me up in the morning when she decides it's time to eat!  In many ways, Scooter is exactly like a regular cat.

To finish, here are Scooter's various nicknames, outlined in this instagram post:

1) Tino (short for Scootino) 
2) Skreebo (or Skreeboween)
3) Scooby-Doo (or just Scoob)
4) Skree Cat
5) Hungry little rat (when she is whining for food)
6) Scootita
7) Honey (which has somehow evolved into Honey Bunches of Oats with Extra Scoots)
8) Lady
9) Scribble (which has evolved into Scrib Scrab Jib Jab)
10) Boot
11) Papa Skreeb
12) Little One
13) Skreebinski
14) Ya Goose
15) Sad Pants (when she's in the car)