Scooter the Cat

Our Story


We've come a long way in the last three years.  Come read about our journey!

Baby scoot.jpg

How Scooter Became Mine

In May 2015, four-week-old Scooter and her sister Minnie were found in a split limb of a tree following a storm in Washington, MO.  A friend of mine, Julia, took them in to care for them and find them a home.  My ex-partner, Dakota, who had just moved to Iowa for work, wanted to get two cats to add to his new home.  It seemed like fate, so I called Julia and arranged a pickup time......


Scooter is two years old, and she is an unknown short hair breed.  Her sister Minnie is a Torby (Tortie + Tabby), and whether that gives any clues to Scooter's breed, I have no idea.  Obviously, the first thing people notice about Scooter is the fact that she's paralyzed.  Scooter's paralysis appears to be caused by a birth defect of her spine (Read more about it in our FAQ!).  Scooter's paralysis is only one part of her.  There's so much more that makes her a special cat!

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I'm a 26-year-old from Washington, Missouri.  The main thing that the instagram crowd knows about me is that I'm a medical student.  I'm in my 4th year doing clinical rotations, and if all goes according to plan, I'll graduate from Kansas City University in May 2019 and become a doctor.  There's a lot more to me than just being a med student, although that does currently take up a large portion of my life!

What We're up to Now

In May/June 2017, Scooter and I officially moved back home to the St. Louis area.  I'm doing my clinical rotations in Des Peres, MO, which is less than an hour away from my hometown of Washington, MO.  My sister and I are living together in a rental house with our combined three animals, Scooter, Katie the dog, and Scout the cat.  So far it's great being home.  I have so many ties to the St. Louis area, and I'm glad that I get to reconnect with my family and friends more now.